Paper Peach

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you show me what my design will look like before I order?

At Paper Peach, we require listings to be purchased before sending proofs. Proofs are delivered in the order received, so your commitment saves your place in line and gives your project the priority it deserves. Once you have ordered, you’ll receive three complimentary proofs to make sure you love your design.

I ordered a printable design. What paper should I print on?

Invitations look best on heavier paper. I print on 120 lb matte, and as a general rule of thumb, I recommend a weight of at least 100 lb cover. (When given the choice between cover or text, always choose cover!) When it comes to sizes, you only need to be concerned about the paper size if you are printing at home, and most printers are limited to a legal sized sheet (8.5” x 14”).

If you are purchasing a printable digital file and having this printed elsewhere, you really don’t need to worry about the size of the paper because most likely, your print shop will print many cards per parent sheet (varies from shop to shop, but think big, like 12.5” x 18.5”). These parents sheets are then stacked and trimmed simultaneously.

I love this design, but I need it in a different size.

Please contact us for an estimate for a size changes.

When will I receive my proof?

Generally, you'll receive a proof within 48 hours. Please check our homepage for vacation notices.

Once you have received your proof, we ask for just 24 hours to make any revisions.

When will I receive my stamp?

Once approved, your stamp will ship the next business day day. Shipping takes 2-6 business days.

We can put a rush on it if you add this to your cart upon checkout: This includes priority shipping on the stamps (2-3 business days), although USPS does not have guaranteed shipping times. Contact us for faster and/or guaranteed shipping dates.

I bought a printable file and am printing at home. How do I print several per page?
  1. Open the pdf with Adobe Reader. If you don’t already have this installed on your computer, visit for a free download.
  2. Go to "File" in the menu.
  3. Click on the "Multiple" button under "Page Sizing & Handling" and enter the number you would like to print on each page. Please be careful not to enter a number that is too high, as your designs will be scaled down.
My last name ends in s or z. How should I word my stamp?

The number one return address mistake is using an apostrophe on last names. Please note that you will look like a star if you leave it out. "The Smiths" means there is more than one person named Smith and the invitation is from them all. If you put "The Smith's," you are showing plural possession of something, we don't know what, maybe you mean the house. But if your use "The Smith's" — this would mean the Smith's house is sending the invitations, not the people that make up the Smith family who are the Smiths (plural not possessive — so no apostrophe!)

Other options would be to use first names, or avoid the entire problem entirely by having, "The Smith Family."